Accessories to Add to Your BMW 3 Series

BMW is famous for making driver's cars, and there's no model more synonymous with their particular brand of Teutonic performance than the 3 Series. However, no matter how entertaining they may be, you might find yourself wanting something extra for your daily driver. That's where BMW's line of accessories come in. Designed by BMW and their partners, these parts add the features you want from your car without hindering its performance, reliability or character.

What Can I Add to My 3 Series?

There's a long list of things you can add to your vehicle to enhance its styling and usability, and they're not just for recent models: BMW still manufactures accessories for vehicles dating back to 2001. Here are just a few things you can add to your vehicle.

M Performance: Sporty Looks with Real World Performance

BMW's M cars are focused on maximum performance, but this comes at the cost of everyday drivability. To help bridge the gap between these hardcore vehicles and standard BMWs, the company rolled out M Performance in 2011. M Performance isn't just a series of models, it's also a line of parts that help you get more out of your vehicle while delivering the styling the sub-brand is known for. Here's what you can currently get for your 3 Series from this line:

Carbon Fiber Mirror Cap

BMW openly admits they make these because they look cool, but there's nothing wrong with shaving a little weight off of your vehicle, either.

Rear Spoiler

Available in black and carbon fiber, this spoiler uses adhesive for easy installation without drilling into the trunk lid and provides increased downforce at high speeds.

Stainless Steel Pedal Covers

Not only do these pedals look cool, they provide a firmer pedal feel. Covers are available for the brake, throttle and clutch pedals as well as the dead pedal.

Carbon Fiber Shift Knob

Metal shift knobs may be a favorite for enthusiasts who want to improve shifter feeling, but even here in Pennsylvania, a summer day can turn that shift knob into a skin burner. M Performance has managed to deliver a similar feel with lightweight carbon fiber that won't roast your hand. It comes with an alcantara boot to complete the look. Have an automatic? They make a shifter for your car, too.

Lower Blade Attachment

These rocker panels are designed to fit in with the style of M Performance models. Decals can be added to complete the look.

Black Kidney Grille

This gloss black grille adds the M Performance look to your car's front end.

Practical Accessories for Your 3 Series

Want to add some more functionality to your ride? BMW has you covered.

Bluetooth Speaker

Don't have Bluetooth installed from the factory? This device lets you call hands-free, and it's built to match your car's interior, down to the BMW lettering.

USB Charger

This plug turns the power port in your car's center console into a charging station for your smartphone. BMW makes chargers with one or two ports.

USB Memory Stick

Why would you want a memory stick that looks like your BMW's key? So you can carry important documents on your keyring without anyone noticing.

Glasses and CD/DVD Holder

This sleeve fits perfectly over your 3 Series' sun visor, giving you a place to store sunglasses and CDs. Don't need to carry around discs? BMW makes a holder just for sunglasses.

Car Cover

Protect your BMW from weather and scratches with this cover designed for a perfect fit over your vehicle.

Mud Flaps

These blend in with your car's styling and maintain its aerodynamics while keeping the salt and snow off of your car so it can survive a few more Pennsylvania winters.

License plate frame

These are available in BMW, M and BMW Performance imprints in both black and chrome.

High Performance Headlight Bulbs

This is an easy, inexpensive upgrade over standard halogen bulbs.

Illuminated Door Sills

These light up when you open the door so you can see where you're stepping.

Advanced Battery Charging System

Only drive your BMW during the summer? Go on long business trips? This charger will keep the battery topped up without overcharging so your 3 Series will be ready to start while extending the battery life.

Wiper Blades

Shaped for optimum performance and aerodynamics to keep your windshield clean while reducing wind noise.

Snow and Ice Remover

Safely removes snow and ice while providing enough reach for your car's windows

LED Flashlights

Why keep a bulky flashlight in your car when you have one of these small lights designed to fit with your BMW's interior? These flashlights are available in battery-powered and power port-rechargable versions. Worried about rain? BMW has an umbrella that holds a flashlight.

Roof Rack

BMW offers a base support system with the option of adding a black or silver cargo box as well as attachments to carry bicycles, skis, snowboards, a kayak or a surfboard.

Luggage Compartment Mat

This water-resistant mat is tailored to the shape of your vehicle, protecting the inside if your car's trunk from water and other spills.

Floor Mats

These are available in carpet to match the interior or waterproof all weather versions in a variety of accent colors.

Dog Harness

Keep your dog safe without having to put it in a carrier. Available in three sizes to fit dogs weighing between 15 and 90 lbs.


This shade is designed for a perfect fit with your BMW's windshield, protecting the interior from heat and UV rays.

Handbrake grip

This leather cover is available in several colors.

Valve caps

Choose from an assortment of BMW designs as well as “N2” for nitrogen-filled tires

Wheel Stud Locks

These odd-shaped lug nuts keep thieves from removing your car's wheels. These come as a set of four to replace one lug nut on each wheel and include the tool needed to remove them. Caps are included that make them look like standard black lug nuts.


Need more space for your stuff? There are a lot of options, including seat-mounted coat hangers to keep your suit straight, backpack-like backrest bags and a rear storage bag that doubles as a rear seat armrest.

Key Case

This cover is shaped for a perfect fit, protecting your key from scuffs while in your pocket.

Snow Chains

Chains have mostly been phased out in favor of snow tires, but BMW still offers replacements for older models.


Alloy rims can give your car a new look, while older designs are available if you need to replace a damaged rim.

Where to Get BMW OEM Accessories

When you want quality accessories for your 3 Series, visit We only stock OEM parts and accessories, so everything you order from us is designed, built and warrantied by BMW. Want to see what you can add to your car? Just type in your VIN or use the vehicle selection menu to pick your model, and you can see all the accessories we have for your 3 Series. Have questions? Contact us to talk to our team of factory-trained parts professionals.